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Here are the details for Autumn Apples

This tune is a Reel.


T: Autumn Apples
S: "The Piper's Dream"
C: Pat McNulty
Z: B.Black
L: 1/8
M: 4/4
R: reel
K: G
% TUNEdb Number 14267
Bc | dG (3GFG Bcde | cF (3FEF ABcd | BGBc dgfg | dcAB c2 Bc |
dG (3GFG Bcde | cF (3FEF ABcd | (3gfg bg fdde | fdcA G2 :|
Bc | dcde dg (3gfg | ac'ba gfge | df (3fef abag | fdab c'baf |
dcde dg (3gfg | bc'ba gfge | dfag (3fga de | dcAF G2 :|

Submitted by : tunedb

Collected by : Zouki

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Details of composer(s)

Composer Pat McNulty

All Known Names of this Tune

Autumn Apples

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