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What do we mean by traditional tunes ?

As far as TUNEdb is concerned a traditional tune is

  1. A tune (as opposed to a song, a symphony, an opera), and
  2. Fits into a 'European/American' form.

A tune is a melody. Tunes are played by traditional musicians in many parts of the world, examples would include Irish jigs, Scottish reels, American Old-time Waltzes. But we would also like to include Macedonian oros, Breton dances, English hornpipes etc.etc.etc.

There are some traditions, particularly those from Asia, which cannot be accomodated within TUNEdb. If you have any ideas or suggestions in this area please use the feedback link to get in touch.

Some tunes are modern, but are written in a traditional style - and of course we are happy to have these in TUNEdb. Many composers of traditional style tunes are happy to see them published in ABC format. However if posting the ABC's of a tune to TUNEdb would breach the copyright of its author then please don't do so. If you are the copyright owner of any tune posted on TUNEdb and object to it being here then please get in touch and we'll remove it.

Note that is not responsible for the data posted to TUNEdb, but we will correct any errors or remove protected work if it is brought to our attention.

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