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Praise for TUNEdb

Thanx very much for providing this service to the public. The thing is, just finished recording a CD with a band called Coracle (a Netherlands-based Irish trad configuration, front-person is a wonderful singer from Ballymena by the name of Jim Spiers, now living in Norfolk), & we didn't have the name for a jig we recorded. But, thanx to you lot I found out in time for it be mentioned correctly in the booklet. I mean, recording a tune and then not knowing the name of it is downright sloppy, isn't it. Thanx again, and good luck to y'all.(GC)
What an amazing site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (CL)
More power to you. (MT)
A great concept. How long has this site been around ?? (NRW)
an excellent resource - thanks. (DGL)
I'm impressed with the scope of the db and the search facilities. (JV)
Seems to be a mighty site...(MM)

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