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16242 ABCs
1533 Artists
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TUNEdb is hosted by without whom it might have disappeared. Many thanks to Larry Owens for his kindness, technical know-how and bandwidth.

TUNEdb was conceived and developed by

with help and encouragement from
  • Kevin Krell of the ITMS, who has been a tremendous supporter of TUNEdb and contributed many hours of testing.
  • Les McPhail - who made a major contribution to the data model
  • Terry McGee - who asked lots of useful questions
  • Dominic Ryan - for interesting, as yet unused, ideas about finding and matching tunes.
  • Tom Keays - for setting up the Listserv
  • Roland Gosda - for more data model ideas
  • Gordon Turnbull - for advice on web page navigation.
  • Teresa Moon - for making me improve the user interface.
  • Kim Andrews - for help on the page design and for the lovely TUNEdb logo.

The software which plays the ABCs is abc2midi which was conceived and written by James Allwright.

Special thanks to Henrik Norbeck for allowing his huge collection of ABCs to be included.

Thanks to all the other, mainly anonymous, people who have transcribed tunes into ABC format, without whom this site would not exist

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