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What's New ?

May 2002

  • Display the ABC's as notes on a stave. There is a new option to show each tune in standard notation - and you don't need any additional software. Do your search in the normal way to find the tune you are interested in then press the button - TUNEdb will convert the ABC to notes and display it in your browser. Go here for more information.

November 2001

  • Key independent searching, You can now ask TUNEdb to transpose while searching for tunes. This means that TUNEdb will find the tune irrespective of the key it is in. Go here to try it.
  • New search field - tune type. This lets you find tunes of a particular type (Reel, Polka, Jig etc).
  • New search field - key signature. This lets you find tunes in a particular key. The key search is based on the number of sharps or flats in the key signature - so search for tunes with 2 sharps will find tune in D Major, B Minor, E Dorian etc. This is likely to be the most useful as a lot of ABC transcriptions are given the wrong mode , but the number of sharps and flats is correct.
  • New simple search option for quick scanning of database. Accepts one or more letters and just looks for tune name beginning with that letter or those letters.
  • The previous style of tune name searching has been retained but is now an advanced option, called the "Any Word" option. This has also been enhanced. It is now in three phases - perfect match, search for any word in name and fuzzy search. User must click 'Widen Search' to progress from one search to the other.
  • Search by Tune ABC now in two phases - perfect match followed by fuzzy search. User must click 'Widen Search' to progress from one search to the other.
  • Improvements to searching speed.
  • New download Postscript option. Although the user needs to install a suitable postscript viewer (for example GSView on PCs), this option allows the user to view and print the tune in standard notation without needing an ABC player. Click Here for details.
  • The Previous and Next options (when the search returns more than a page full of results) now work properly.
  • New help section on key signatures and modes.
  • New extended statistics section.
  • And of course this new "What's New" section.

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