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How to Help tunedb

TUNEdb is a free resource for musicians everywhere. We are going to need help in several ways

  • Firstly, we need people to become Contributors, who are willing to upload data into TUNEdb. We've made it as easy as we know how to enter data into the database. Uploading a file of ABCs is simple and easy - so if you have something you think we don't have either become a contributor, or get in touch by email and we'll load your data for you.
  • Secondly, we need Database minders. I'd like to recruit a very select group of people who will be able to work with the database. We'll need help naming Gan Ainms, adding alternate names, correcting errors and so on. We are developing the tools you'll need to correct wrong data. You'll be really involved in the success of the entire project and may even become famous !
  • Thirdly, if there are any bright programmers out there who think they can help, pleas get in touch. TUNEdb is developed in Zope and Python with a MySQL database.

What will you get out out of it if you decide to contribute ? Well apart from a huge feeling of well-being from the knowledge that you are helping a really worthwhile cause, you'll be acknowledged on this site. We can count up how many ABC's, recordings and publications YOU enter and you may even get a gold star. It's a really, really worthwhile project.

Here is how to become a contributor

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