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Tunes composed by Traditional

Tune name
'chailleach Oidhche (the Owl)
'twis In The End Of King James's Street
(?)man's Ramble. Jb.65
(aka The 72nd Highlander's Farewell)
(chase The Rabtit, Chase The Squirrel)
(head Two Ladies Cross Over)
(the Boys Of The Lake)
1st Turks March
29 Pentwyn Terrace
2d. Quick Step 30th. Regt.
2d. Quick Step Of 15th. Regt.
2d. Quick Step. 42d. Regt.
2nd Part For B Music
2nd Quick Step 2nd Battn. Royals
2nd Turks March
3/8 Bourree (antwerp)
3rd Dragoon Guards Waltz. Cjf.043
3rd Figure Of The Lancers
4/4 3/4
42 Pound Check, The
42 Pound Cheque, The
4th Dragoons March. Jmt.077
5 Time Waltz
5-time Waltz (1)
5-time Waltz (2)
7-takt Branle
72nd's Farewell To Aberdeen
8-time Waltz
?. Cjf.003
?.. Hsjj.184
??? From De Dannan
??aka Jc.229
?aka. Bc.54
?aka. Cjf.006
?aka. Jb.47
?aka. Jc.238
?hanners? Jigg
?hungry Under't Hill?
?wimble's? Reel
A And A's Waltz
A And D
A Bagpipe Hornpipe
A Bagpipe Hornpipe
A Banshee Wail
A Basilisa (arrg.)
A Basket Of Oysters, Or Pady The Weaver
A Bhean Udaí Thall
A Bonny Lass To Marry Me
A Border Ballad
A Bruxa
A Bruxa- Valse/walzer/waltz
A Carol Tune - For Christmas Day. Jwdm.45
A Cotillion
A Coyer El Trébole (ct 385)
A Double Jig
A Favourite Ballad From Robin Hood
A Favourite Highland Air
A Favourite Highland Quick Step. 73. Regt.
A Favourite Strathspey
A Foreign Air
A Friend In Need
A German Quick March
A Good Tune. Jnu.06
A Greable Suprize
A Harris Dance
A Health To Betty
A Hornpipe By C. Smith
A Jigg
A Jigg
A La 'page'
A La Mar Fui Por Naranxes
A La Mar Fui Por Naranxes (ct 275)
A La Pointe De L'épée
A La Sombra De Un Pino
A Lancashire Hornpipe
A Los Rayos Del Sol
A Lovely Lass To A Friar Came.
A Lover Of Mild Behavior
A Man's A Man For A' That
A Mi Me Gusta La Gaita
A Miko Russell Reel
A Moi
A Monkey On The Pony Composed By William Garrett
A North Country Frisk (re-tune Aeae, Play As Written)
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