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Search for Tune by ABC Notes or Down-Ups

Simple search - just enter the ABCS here
Enter the notes you are looking for as ABCs (eg DBGD) -
  • Don't worry about note lengths, octaves, accidentals, triplets, grace notes, chords - TUNEdb ignores them all for search purposes.
  • Another way to search TUNEdb is to enter the direction the notes move using D for Down, U for Up and - for stays the same, for example DU-DDU
  • Click HERE for more help.

Advanced options
Look for these notes at the start of the tune or anywhere within it ? Start of tune
Anywhere in tune
  • If you select 'anywhere in tune' be warned that you will get a lot of matches, unless you are using a long sequence of notes.
Tune type
  • Select the tune type to narrow down the search - the most popular tune types are at the top of the list. Select 'ALL' if you want to look at all types of tunes.
Key signature

Transpose while searching? No
  • If you take the 'No' option then TUNEdb will just look for the ABCs as you entered them.
  • If you take the 'Yes' option TUNEdb will transpose the notes you entered into all keys before searching the database but you must enter the key signature (above) so that TUNEdb knows which key to start transposing from.
  • Help on transposing.

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