Euroflute 2002 (aka The Bedford Bash)

Early arrivals (L to R) Andrew, Richard, Thierry and Mick. Note small number of flutes on table.
Time to get the food cooking - the fluteplayers are getting restless.
(L to R) Kevin Craig Kath Jane and Terry
Jocelyn and Kath
Who is it who can't tell the difference between an original Rudall and Rose and a BAMBOO Olwell then ? Send money or I name names !
Enough games - let's get onto the puddings !
By now the flutes were beginning to pile up ! A bottle of almond oil for the first person to correctly identify all the flutes.
And the discussions continued ...(Rachel, Thierry, Craig, Tom)
While in the house, there's great surprise as Tom finds why Nicholson had flat feet ...(Steve,Mick,Tom,Andrew and Kevin)
Enough talking - flutes are for playing ! (Richard, Rachel, Terry, Eileen, Andy).
A few more join in as the light fades ...
And the session moves to the house after local reinforcements are sent for. (At 4.30am it's time to go ...)
But next morning Tom, Kevin and Richard (nice shirt !) are back looking at flutes.
While Terry gets down to measuring those pesky Rudall and Roses.

Thanks to everyone who came from far and wide, brought wonderful food and made great music - without you it would not have happened.

But above all thanks to Teresa, who said "what a great idea" when I said I wanted to invite the wooden flute players of the world, then worked so hard to make it such a wonderful weekend for all of us.
Finally .. I can't resist another picture of all those gorgeous flutes. Cheers ......

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